Signs of Infertility and the Proven Infertility Treatment

Infertility is something that never crosses a couple’s mind until they encounter problems getting pregnant or suffer from recurrent miscarriages. However, signs of infertility can be detected even before trying to conceive.

The obvious signs of infertility include malnutrition, a depressed mental state, irregular menstrual cycle in women, highly stressed work life and body weight issues. Some easy signs of infertility in men include losing hair on a regular basis, gaining too much fat in the abdominal parts and increase in overall body weight, wrinkles and dryness of skin, a fall in male libido levels, problems having an erection and too much sweat and hot flushes. If treated properly, couples who have problems getting pregnant because of these issues can reverse their infertility.

The best infertility treatment in such instances has been reported through the use of Chinese medicines. Chinese infertility treatment targets the root cause of the reason for infertility and so there is a lot of emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes and acupuncture to improve blood and energy flow throughout the body. This holistic infertility treatment approach has received tremendous amount of interest amongst infertility experts because of its ability to permanently reverse infertility in couples. Less obvious signs of infertility will require the clinical diagnosis of a doctor. In men, the cause for infertility are usually low sperm count or poor sperm quality. Again, Chinese infertility treatment had proven success results of treating such infertility issues in men, without adverse side effects.

In women, the less obvious signs of infertility could be structural such as blockages. Chinese infertility treatment had been able to successfully treat fibroids infertility, cysts infertility and even endometriosis infertility without any adverse side effects. However, in severe cases; the infertility treatment will still need to be complemented by surgery.  Many couples who have problems getting pregnant have been labelled ‘unexplained infertility’; this rules out the possibility of conventional infertility treatment. With the emergence of Chinese infertility treatment into the West, many infertile couples suffering from problems getting pregnant had been able to address the underlying reasons for their infertility with huge amount of success. The Chinese infertility treatment takes the approach of preparing the body 3 ‘ 4 months prior to conception. In this way, couples who have problems getting pregnant are given adequate time to tonify their bodies, which eliminates any potential problems to the pregnancy and help strengthen the foetus. To find out more about how Chinese infertility treatment works,