How to Get Abs in Two Weeks

Here are a few simple and easy steps to getting abs in a quick but healthy way.

The Abs Diet Plan

If you have been wondering on whether it is possible to get muscular lean abs in two weeks’ time, change your diet plan and see for yourself. Stick to your diet plan if you are looking for results. Cut out all canned food and processed meat and dairy from your diet. Never stay hungry or starve yourself because this leads to the accumulation of fat and makes you gain weight. Try to have three fulfilling meals followed by three small snacks. Try using whole grains rather than white ones. The browns are also called ‘slow-carbs’ and not all carbohydrates are bad for health. Involve carbs through brown bread, wheat, yarns and brown rice. Cut out the fatty carbohydrates like white rice, white bread and pasta. Consume healthy fats by eating fresh fruits, fish, olive, nuts, avocado and peanut butter. But make sure you plan out their intake in a healthy and balanced way. Involve snacks of chicken and vegetables.

Eat lots of yogurt (Greek), egg whites and Canadian bacon. A healthy and protein rich diet makes you full for the day and reduces the production of a hunger-stimulating hormone, ghrelin. Drink lots of water for it will prevent dehydration. Following a strict diet plan will heat up the body’s fat-burning furnace and make the body leaner and muscular. You might also need to involve protein shakes and supplements alongside your diet.

The Abs Exercises

Once you have improved your habit of eating, lots of exercise is what you need on how to get abs in two weeks time. Remember, consistency is the key to results. Make sure you do a 30 minute moderate cardio every day.

Develop your strength by training and start trimming your fat through regular exercises and a strict diet plan.

Warm up your obliques. If you want to work on obliques, try waist whittler, mini side crunch, splitter and long leg twister exercises.

Crunches, squats and deadlifts help burn fat immediately. A study from San Diego State University revealed that a vertical chair knee raise produced about 210 % more results into burning as compared to a regular crunch.

Work your lower abs through splitter and long leg twister exercise.

Work your upper abs, triceps and glutes through windshield viper.

Use half core twists to work your spine.

You need to do high-rep. exercises

Abs workouts requires a lot of movement; stay consistent. If you need maximum fat loss, go for high intensity exercises.

Remember, getting abs quickly is not an easy task; it involves lots of commitment and rigorous exercise. Work with a certified trainer for healthy and fast results.

Things To Avoid

Avoid stress, irregular sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle. Aging and other factors add stomach fat and you need to control this. Eat six times a day but balance out your carbs and proteins. Sleep well and drink lots of water. You need to realize that greater the body fat, the more time it will take to produce results. You might also need to involve supplements to overcome any deficiency or what your body might need in addition to your normal diet. Always choose wisely and consult a registered health fitness coach to embark on the journey of a rigorous workouts etc.