Homemade Exercise Tips: How to reduce Belly, Breast and Hip

Obesity, fat breast and big hip are the most problem for women and this is also a big disease. Due to increase of these three tings many other diseases come in to play role of dangerous. This is very much surprise that many women having the same problem and they don’t notice of obesity and the size of theirs big breast. There are some causes of this disease like over eating, less involvement in daily routine work and due to this the Digestive system get disturb and loss its properties which cause the deletion of your age. There is few symptoms of this disease like feel tiredness, disturbance of reparation system and you feel much tension after doing less work. Moreover your body is going to chance in de-shape condition. If you only give your little time then with in three weeks you can make a healthy body and can live a happy life.

Some Importance Tips before Starting Exercises!

1.      You must have your weight check up before and after the end exercises course.

2.      You should be regular during all the course of exercises.

3.      You should have bath with normal less hot water and rub your body with un-smooth towel.

4.      Be careful for your diet and eat only when it required. Moreover eat those things which have great quantity of protein.

5.      Try to participate to those works which required struggle, so your body remains fit.

6.      Walk as much as you can and you must care of your rest and sleep.

7.      Remember that the fat affects on the bigger parts of body like muscle, belly, breast and hip which make them un-pleasant look. It is batter that you must know the importance of exercise and make yourself regular.

Ready for Exercise

1.      Your dress should be proper for exercise.

2.      Stand up on both legs in normal condition.

3.      Keep your belly IN by taking long breath.

4.      After take you should have running only for 5 to 8 minutes for warming up.

5.      After that bring your arms toward your chest by turning your elbows and stress your muscle.

Here we Start up weekly exercise programme on daily basis!

1st Week Exercise programme

Exercise No 1

1.      Apart your arms and legs. Make lest 1feet distance between your legs.

2.      Now give elastic movement to your back and turn toward your left side and comes back to your original position No 1.

3.      Repeat this movement toward your right side and come back to position No 1.

4.      You should have at least 10 repetition of this exercise.

5.      After that stand on your both legs and raised your arms by opening your palm.

6.      Make elastic movement to your body by placing your upper body downward but your lower body should remain stationary.

7.      You should bend your back as much as possible.

8.      Repeat this movement to your left, right and front side at lest 10 repetition.

Exercise No 2

1.      Stand up in normal and make a distance of 2 feet between your legs.

2.      Now by giving the elastic movement to your back, touch your right foot tow with your left hand and back to original position. Repeat this movement oppositely. (Initially it looks hard but after some time it will be easy)

3.      Don’t bend your knees and after completion of your movement back to step No 1.

4.      Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Exercise No 3

1.      Sit on ground and extend your legs forward by touching your both feet. Don’t bend your knees.

2.      Together your both hand claws and raised them up your head and extend your arms.

3.      Slowly move your hand and try to touch your feet. (Initially it looks hard but after some time it will be easy)

4.      Now back to position No 1 and repeats this movement 10 times

Exercise No 4

1.      Lay down on the ground by touching your belly to ground. Make together your feet and touch the ground with your feet’s claw.

2.      Raised your left foot above the ground by keep straight your legs. Keep your foot in same position at least 1 minute and try to hold this position greater then 1 minute.

3.      Now keep your left legs toward your left side and back to its original position No 1. Now do the same movement with your right foot and legs.

4.      Repeat this exercise with left and right at least 10 times.

Retiring Programme

1.      Now straight lay down by keep your face upward. Relax your body and mind.

2.      Keep your arms behind your head and remains in this position for 5 minutes. By keep this position will reduce the stress of your body and mind.