Health Tips: – Summer health tips for children

Of course you want your kind healthy and safe in summer. Due to summer season many children are suffer from lack of moisture because they don’t drink water as required during the time of Sunlight. Moreover kind also having infection and dangerous disease due to mosquito bites and there is many parents are fail to protect. This is also happened in common practice that we cook outside in the season of summer which contaminated our food by the insects around and caused illness. Here we highlight the disease due to heat exhaustion during the season of summer and tips to control and save your children from them.

1.      Whenever your children are going to play outside during the summer make they should use sunscreen and stay hydrated. Due to rising of temperature and humidity the heat exhaustion occurs and you make your that your children should drink plenty of water. You also teach them they should take breaks in shade during the time of outside play.

2.      The beverages that contain caffeine and large amount of sugar must be avoided summer because these things caused of dehydration.

3.      Never allowed your children to go out side from 10 to 4, because the sun at that time in highest intensity.

4.      To keep cool the body of your children you should purchase lightweight clothing.

5.      Due to heat exhaustion following are the symptoms are involved:-


Dry mouth

Heavy perspiring



To prevent your children from heat exhaustion take them out of the sun immediately and this is more important to take them to a cool place. Encourage them to take cool bath which will help them to relieve the symptoms of heat exhaustion. But if your children still suffering from heat exhaustion called the heat stroke, immediately contact to your doctor.