Essential diet tips for Natural heartburn Relief

There is a dangerous mentality brewing within modern man. The idea that over the counter meds can be used on a long term basis to alleviate symptoms of different ailments. It pains me to think that people whose ailments are exacerbated by poor lifestyle decisions turn to over the counter meds as a quick fix that can let me live dangerously. The danger is that it removes the focus from the real underlying problem. This is why there is need for natural hearburn relief.

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Natural heartburn relief aims to address the real cause of the issue (heartburn in this case). A lot of people feel completely justified in eating the wrong food and fixing the consequence with an over the counter medication. The issue lies in the fact that most over the counter meds are quick remedies which don’t aim to fix the real cause. Taking an antacid to relieve heartburn is NOT the same as changing your diet to eliminate it altogether.

Just as you wouldn’t hope to use crutches for ever after breaking your leg, over the counter meds shouldn’t be a permanent solution. This is where natural heartburn relief comes into its own. Tweaking your diet and introducing healtheir food as a method of natural heartburn relief is far more sustainable and less health threatening that popping a few antacid after eating a greasy meal!

For natural heartburn relief to be effective, you must first identify which foods cause heartburn and work to slowly eliminate them. To start you off, the tomato and it’s slew of sauces are by far the most common and most powerful instigators of heartburn. in my case, one bit of a burger with tomato sauce would immediately induce heartburn. Though I do suspect there was a psychosomatic element to this aswell. but I digress. The point is, taking a simplistic approach will work best. Finding what triggers your heartburn and removing it from your diet is always effective and this is the first step.

The nex step is to incorporate foods that are known to relieve or eliminate heartburn. These tends to be mostly fruits. Pineapples, red apples, melons, watermelons, guavas and many other tropical fruits have been known to soothe and even eliminate heartburn altogether. I recommend trial and error for this. If anything, your body will love the nutrients packed in these fruits!

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If you fail to succeed with these then you can take your natural heartburn relief a step further. You can try some quick home heartburn remedies like a spoonful of apple cider vingar, a glass of milk, ice cold water and baking soda mixed with water. The idea is not to lose faith in natural heartburn relief. Over the counter meds are the easy way out. The companies that make them are businesses and they don’t mind taking your money. These meds also have side effects which can be severe and further destroy your health.

Natural heartburn relief methods can potentially take time. What you must aim to achieve is complete freedom from heartburn itself. Eat the right foods and you prevent heartburn from occuring. Ofcourse my advice does not apply to everyone. Some people have serious cases which only medical intervention can help fix. However, most people suffer minor to moderate heartburn which a minor change in lifestyle and diet can fix. If this is you, it’s worth your time and your health to give these natural heartburn relief methods a try.