Benefits of honey

When we talk about the benefits to our health consumption of honey, we refer to natural honey, one that has not treated above 60 degrees centigrade and has therefore not pasteurized. This process, although it extends their life and prevents the crystallization of sugars present, drastically reduces the quality of the honey to destroy and to denature the enzymes and antibiotics nutrients.

Therefore, if we really want some benefits of honey, we should try as far as possible that its purity is maximum.

The basis of the claim that honey is highly health benefits is precisely its composition. Calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus and potassium, to organic acids, all kinds of vitamins and flavonoids and phenolic Board, makes honey a fairly complete and recommended food.o Properties.

•    It regulates blood sugar levels. Balancing the levels of fructose and glucose, allows our body, specifically to the liver produce glycogen for the rest of our body’s organs. This causes the blood to flow, eliminating the glucose at the time that distributes it and reducing blood sugar levels..

•    It reduces the metabolic stress. Specifically, the adrenal gland, responsible for producing adrenaline, is that stimulates the production of sugar when it comes to exercise, for example. This process, which also given before bedtime, reducing consumption of honey ideal time for consumption..

•    Helps restore sleep. Relating to sleep honey acts on several fronts. A first it obliges the liver to release glycogen while we sleep, avoiding to have low levels of this substance. In another field, promotes relaxation and sleep, increased lightly the production of insulin, which helps the brain melatonin production, a vital substance for the regulation of sleep. Hence, unless the glass of milk with honey before sleeping, because apart from that also reduces the heart rate..

•    Also helps us when it comes to going to the bathroom. Specifically, fructooligosaccharides, act as plant fiber in the colon. They help to capture water and the Peristaltic movements of the bowel, creating a mild laxative effect..

•    Help your brain. Honey is very beneficial for our brain health. Honey helps to absorb calcium; vital for transmitting electrical signals bridges, the absence of calcium difficult brain function, hence it is healthy. As we say it sets the calcium, in addition to the benefit for the brain also helps bones preventing osteoporosis..

•    For the skin, it is also beneficial. It serves to combat acne and provides antibacterial skin help. It deprives microbes of the humidity, the concentration of gibberellic present in honey, produces hydrogen peroxide, used to combat acne. It also reduces the pH of the skin killing much of the bacteria present and involved in acne..

•    Help with allergies. Any person who is of people knows that consuming honey in the area where one lives, two months before flowering reduces the risks of suffering from allergies. The honey works as a vaccine protecting us from the pollen and avoiding causing rejections, though not disappear allergy, i.e., old symptoms..

•    Relating to the skin, like acne, helps relieve wounds, mild Burns, protecting us from bacteria, applied natural honey on the wounds, and then wrapping them is useful to prevent infection in the wound area..

•    Also used to dry skin, like many products of hygiene, which contains honey, dissolve honey in the bath water help to moisturize the skin by reducing its ruggedness. This same may apply, as a balm for the lips dry or chapped, apply some honey is beneficial for a few minutes until they rehydrate..

•    For our immune system, honey is ideal. Given its high antibacterial content, it stimulates our system, as well as when it consume it as when we apply it directly on the skin..

•    Finally, the honey is useful during the menstrual cycle, stimulates the segregation of omega 6, responsible for hormonal regulation of the body, helping to have more stable menstrual cycles. The health benefits of honey are too numerous to be named.