Becoming a Hygienist

Have you ever considered dental hygiene employment, to start a career as a dental hygienist?

There are many great reasons to choose this career.

It is brings great satisfaction to help someone save their teeth. As a hygienist, your job it to educate the patient regarding oral health which includes tooth brushing and flossing techniques, and providing nutritional information as well.

Most dental hygienists make a good salary and are able to work part time and do very well. I suppose depending on the area or state you are in, it could be as much as $55.00 per hour or more!

Qualifications Required for Dental Hygiene Employment

To become a dental hygienist, usually requires an AA degree prior to being accepted in the a dental hygiene program. Most programs are two years in length. After graduation, you will be ready to take the state board exam for your state and become a “Registered Dental Hygienist” or RDH. Then it is time to go to work helping people with the health of their mouth!

After achieving the AA degree in general education, you would also need to take biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology courses to qualify for the dental hygiene program (of course, check with the school of your choice in case their requirements are a bit different.)

What You Will Learn

Once accepted to a dental hygiene program, you will learn things such as the anatomy of teeth and the psychology of treating a patient in a dental office. And of course the art of scaling teeth.

You will learn about diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. It will be key to learn what causes this to happen to a patient and how to help your patients prevent it. There is also studying things like oral cancers and decay.

Pharmacology teaches us how certain medications might be effected by dental treatment and teeth cleanings.

Did you know that if your patient has an artificial knee in his or her body they may need to by on antibiotics to get their teeth cleaned?

These are the types of things that are important to know prior to cleaning someones teeth.

During dental hygiene school, we are also taught how to give an injection to patients. This is done in preparation for someone who needs root-planing of their teeth (a deep cleaning which could be sensitive without anesthesia).

So there are many aspects to learn about when becoming a dental hygienist, but it is a rewarding career.