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I Say, How Does A Gentleman Save His Chats?

AIM 6.5

To search your chats, you must have “IM Logging” turned on. From your “Edit” dropdown menu select “Preferences.” On the left side of the pop up screen you’ll see “IM Logging,” click on that and make sure to check “Log IMs” and “Log Chats.” Once you’ve saved these preferences, your AIM will save all your IMs/Chats in a folder labeled “AIMLogger” (typically located in “My Documents).


Gmail automatically saves all your chats and searching for them is simple. First, select “Show Search Options,” located to the right of the search bar at the top of your Gmail screen. Once there, select “Chats” from the dropdown search bar. Then simply click “Search Mail” and Bam! there are all your chats.

Remember, it’s impossible to find your best chats without using your monocle, so have them at the ready.