The names have been changed, but the conversations are real.

We ensure that all submissions made to The Foggy Monocle will remain anonymous. Editors change all names (screen names or real) prior to posting. But, if it makes you feel any better, feel free to change names before submitting conversations to us…then we’ll change them again, so they’ll be double changed, and hence double safe. Protecting the identities of submitters is a a cornerstone of the gentleman’s code.

Also, anything submitted to the Foggy Monocle will become property of the Foggy Monocle, allowing the Monocle to edit, change, embellish and refit at their discretion, and/or republish online or in any other publication, print or otherwise, across the known universe in any medium, including crazy plasma micro-media that doesn’t even exist yet. Upon submitting something, consider all rights waived, including the right to sue for any reason whatsoever.