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A Gentleman Dazzles at a Wedding

September 18th, 2009

Ahh wedding season! Following the gentleman’s proud display of leadership and courage at the groom’s bachelor party, where he no doubt distinguishly extinguished the gin supply and made charitable donations to the lovely ecdysiasts, a gentleman will attend the main event with gusto and gallantry. While sashaying to the soft rock jams of the band, [...]


A gentleman is accustomed to being the center of attention at all social engagements he graces with his princely presence. So you can imagine a gent’s distress when a garish guest swoops in to steal his thunder. Unable to win the party over with his charm alone, this pretender to the gentleman’s throne is forced to [...]


In a world gone to the dogs, with just about any monkey suit passing for elegant attire, a gentleman makes sure to present himself as a cut above the general populace wardrobe-wise. When a grand event such as the beautiful union of two love birds is on the agenda, you can wager your monocle that [...]