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A Gentlelady Is Hard To Spot

January 7th, 2010

A gentleman is always looking for his mirror image in female form; a woman cut from the same silk cloth as he himself: The gentlelady. But in this day and age of posturing and prudishness, what qualities truly make the gentlelady stand out? Is it her dainty laugh? The size of her dowry? The [...]


Gentlemen Work as a Team

January 4th, 2010

While it is a given fact that one gentleman is always a welcomed addition to any festive gala, the enchantment can only be enriched with a plethora of gentlemen on the scene to help gesticulate the night into order. Indeed, there is no “I” in Team, but there are important “I’s” in Inebriation and Intoxication, [...]


Since The Foggy Monocle has long been devoted to helping gentlemen and gentleladies everywhere piece together their sordid, booze soaked evenings, it must come as no surprise to learn that we’re big fans of The Hangover. We’re sure all of you are too. So if you can’t get enough of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and [...]


A gentleman certainly appreciates the luxuries of modern chain restaurants, which provide him with an efficient, modestly priced, and consistent menu of delicious delicacies in whatever city he may find himself. However, as the whims and fancies of the gentleman are highly unpredictable, and with his appetite fluctuating from morning nausea to intoxicated ravenousness, its [...]


Whether he’s hunting down his nemesis aboard a pirated clipper ship in international waters, or hiding out in desert caves from scorned ex-lovers and federal spy agents, or simply exploiting the third world by selling his patented zombie repellent to the child employees of his own sweat shops, its no surprise that a gentleman will [...]


Because a gentleman maintains the perfect balance of glamour, manners and class while galavanting on the town, he is often considered to be an invincible, omnipotent, flawless god walking amongst men. However, we must remember that the gentleman is indeed a mortal, albeit it a grand and impeccable one, who is subject to the same [...]


In today’s tough economic climate, a successful business-savvy gentleman knows that in order to keep churning out daily profits for his beloved corporate behemoth, he must think beyond the windows of his corner penthouse office and make sure he’s consistently wooing and entertaining clients in the most gallant of ways.  Postponing his daily lobster picnic [...]


Waking up day after day with a foggy monocle precariously wedged into his zygomatic bone affords the gentleman a perspective on the world that is both wise and prescient, a permanent outlook of the future that demands excellence and foresees nothing but successful tomfoolery. Though jumping to hasty conclusions and making seemingly-brash judgement calls may [...]


When sailing the seas of liquor, a gentleman captain is always on the lookout for that rouge wave of a gentlelady, who out of nowhere will rise high above the lesser females to rock the boat like its never been rocked before. The gentleman — like Poseidon himself — would find difficulty conjuring such an [...]


Since the dawn of man, gentlemen have always sought sacred locales in which to escape the plight of commoners and truly devote themselves to the higher calling of gentlemanliness. In modern times, that role has sat squarely on the shoulders of Las Vegas, where smart and sophisticated gents the world over can gamble away their [...]