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Now the ill informed would argue that once a gentleman becomes a father, his gentleman years—an infinite domino effect of dazzlement, debauchery, and drinking with utter abandon—are behind him. Well, think again, dear reader. Sure, the normally courageous gentleman will run for cover faster than a terrorist in a shit storm at the very mention [...]


Thanks to her endless arsenal of qualities, it can be hard to discern what a gentlelady is better at, unprotected intercourse with random strangers or parenting? The answer to this perplexing little conundrum is of course both. In fact, a gentlelady’s skills in either department are so evenly matched that she often performs them [...]


Though a gentleman staunchly refuses to acknowledge the birth certificates of his myriad offspring, or, for that matter, pay child support, play catch, take a paternity test or wear a condom, doesn’t mean he isn’t an expert when it comes to good, old fashioned parenting. Stumbling through a sunlit town in the hazy wake of [...]