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How The Gentleman Stole Christmas

December 21st, 2009

A gentleman is always in high demand, but no more so than during the holidays, when eggnog-swilling guests anticipate his arrival with the giddiness of snot-nosed children awaiting St. Nick. Never one to deprive others of his dazzling presence (or himself of a delicious open bar), the gentleman makes sure to gallivant with redoubled vigor, [...]


Sometimes a gentleman just isn’t himself and it takes a grotesque amount of gallivanting, a liberal amount of booze and of course the loyal services of a fellow gent-in-arms to resuscitate our hero and get him back in the saddle again. And what a glorious sight it truly is to behold a gentleman rediscovering his [...]


A Gentleman Cures His Hangover

August 18th, 2009

Whether he’s following up swigs of tequila with the tart taste of fresh limes on the back of his Zihuatanejo-bound mule, making a fortune swindling locals with his secret snake-bite syrum (Flintstones Vitamins), or just generally boozing his cares away with jeroboams of champagne and crates of beer, a gentleman always has the cure for [...]


A gentleman is nothing if not one big bottomless cocktail of class. Zig-zagging down the street with a brown-bagged highball in one gloved hand and devilishly spinning his bow tie with the other while making AHH-OO-GAH eyes and wolf-whistling at every female he passes, our champion not only exudes elegance and sophistication, he embodies it. [...]


A Gentleman Is MacGyver-ish

July 23rd, 2009

A gentleman is well known to be an extremely resourceful individual, one who constantly balances creativity with deft scientific know-how to face any challenge that may confront him.  Whether he’s fashioning weapons out of office supplies during conference calls, cobbling together quick hydraulic smoking apparatuses on lunch breaks, popping the governor off his rented Mexican [...]


While most seasoned jetsetters bitch and moan about the fading glory of international travel, lamenting the loss of the Concorde and uneasily eyeing the hordes of budget-minded blowhards with whom they must share an aircraft, tour bus or gypsy cab, a gentleman takes the modern state of communal boarder crossings in style, even adding his [...]


There comes a point in every gentleman’s life when he realizes he’s no longer what he used to be, and that he’d better start taking care of himself if he hopes to preserve the remainder of his fading magnificence. However, while hairlines recede, libidos shrink and drinking tolerances weaken, one attractive quality of the gentleman [...]


A Gentlelady Arises!

April 21st, 2009

Following a night of merry amusement and unrivaled grace, it’s not uncommon for a gentlelady to arise in, well, something other than her own bed. Over the collective course of female history, bathtubs, benches and even ditches have always proven adequate resting stops for wine-flying gentleladies. Now some people, upon seeing a fair female in [...]