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The quest for world domination can be approached in a variety of different methods. Politicians tend to apply the more economic pressures of tariffing and embargoing, whereas blood thirsty war lords like to approach the goal with weapons stockpiles and warfare threats. A gentleman, on the other hand, knows that to truly dominate the people [...]


The convivial spirit of the modern gentleman is inspiring indeed. While his voracious appetite requires abundance, his refined palate dictates what edible pleasures will be consumed at any whim. Whether he is on day five of a Eurasian holiday feasting bender or simply staggering sans sleep to his favorite Vegas early-bird buffet, a gentleman always [...]


A Gentleman is Heroic

August 11th, 2009

A gentleman is well-known in the corporate world as a polite, gregarious and generous businessman with deep pockets, sound investment strategies and an utmost sense of financial propriety. Thusly, he is a well-sought partner for lucrative business dealings of all types, which are ideally struck over frosty-cold afternoon libations. However, in addition to his pecuniary [...]


During lovely summer weekends when a gentleman isn’t puttering about the harbor aboard his championship cigarette boat, or putting on the links in a competitive duel to the death for a maiden’s honor, or urban racing his gilded hang-glider from skyscraper to skyscraper,  a gentleman can be found entertaining affiliates at one of the many [...]


While it’s no secret that a gentleman is a man of leisure, fine tastes and many pleasures, he’ll occasionally feel the need to test his vigor in a grueling sporting competition. Such events, while arduous and completely averse to the gentleman’s typical elegant indolence, allow him to kick back at the end of the long [...]


Just because her strict commitment to thirst-quenching revelry always dictates her night doesn’t mean a gentlelady can’t prepare herself for the evening’s inevitable conclusion: Coitus and calorie-packing snacking, preferably simultaneously. A gentlelady is a firm believer in the maxim, “If you will it, it is no dream,” and thus she makes her demands known clearly [...]


With the summer months approaching, a gentleman may entertain thoughts of slenderizing his usual pear-shaped silhouette to appease the throngs of seaside gentleladies who undoubtedly have been waiting all winter to swoon and fawn over the beach-bound gentleman in his fashionable aqua trousers. However, given  his firm abhorrence to excessive exercise and his legendary appetite [...]


By evening’s end, when the champion gentleman has braved the treacherous rapids of revelry, explored all whistle-wetting options in a 30-mile radius and been asked to kindly vacate the premises by beastly bartenders, the only task that remains on his smorgasbord of a to-do list is to satisfy his insatiable hunger with a delectable meal [...]


There comes a point in every gentleman’s life when he realizes he’s no longer what he used to be, and that he’d better start taking care of himself if he hopes to preserve the remainder of his fading magnificence. However, while hairlines recede, libidos shrink and drinking tolerances weaken, one attractive quality of the gentleman [...]


Despite his busy schedule of day drinking, pool hall hustling and pursuing carnal delights, when the benevolent and philanthropic gentleman has a few moments to spare, he is more than happy to extend his white gloved hand to the less fortunate, in hopes that he may make their evening a bit more pleasant than usual. [...]