A gentleman may, in the course of a night’s cavorting, be relieved of his senses from time to time.  In the aftermath of such situations, the gentleman may be forced to IM, email or text with his fellow gentleman to help recount the activities of the night prior, or simply to discuss how the day is going.  TheFoggyMonocle believes that these conversations reveal the true nature of the modern gentleman, and by reprinting these tales of urban mischief, we celebrate the American gentleman in all his glory.

Indeed, this site relies on the submissions of tasteful gentlemen such as yourself, so please email any worthy IMs, emails or text conversations to thefoggymonocle@gmail.com. Our editorial team promises to change all screen names, email addresses and numbers to ensure that your gentlemanly reputation remains untarnished.

Until then, we’ll be busy polishing our monocles… and drinking.