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The quest for world domination can be approached in a variety of different methods. Politicians tend to apply the more economic pressures of tariffing and embargoing, whereas blood thirsty war lords like to approach the goal with weapons stockpiles and warfare threats. A gentleman, on the other hand, knows that to truly dominate the people [...]


A gentleman takes his sartorial getup very seriously, often times placing an equal amount of importance on his appearance as he does the business at hand. Indeed, maintaining complete composure is a top priority, and he’ll allow neither hell nor high water to compromise his fashionable digs regardless of the circumstances.  His pant leg’s pleat [...]


Now the ill informed would argue that once a gentleman becomes a father, his gentleman years—an infinite domino effect of dazzlement, debauchery, and drinking with utter abandon—are behind him. Well, think again, dear reader. Sure, the normally courageous gentleman will run for cover faster than a terrorist in a shit storm at the very mention [...]


A Gentlelady Is Hard To Spot

January 7th, 2010

A gentleman is always looking for his mirror image in female form; a woman cut from the same silk cloth as he himself: The gentlelady. But in this day and age of posturing and prudishness, what qualities truly make the gentlelady stand out? Is it her dainty laugh? The size of her dowry? The [...]


The snowy landscape of the gentleman’s metropolitan wilderness can be rife with peril; thus when traipsing about from watering hole to watering hole in the dark of the evening, a gentleman must be constantly aware of all animals lurking in the shadows, and rely on his superior survival instincts to guide him. By keeping the [...]


Like a flamboyant zen master dastardly stroking his Fu Manchu mustache, a gentleman wills every elegant evening of drinking into existence by first envisioning it in his mind’s eye. However, remembering said evening—from the very first pinky-raised sip of his very first sensible cocktail to the moment just before he belly flops onto the barroom [...]


Gentlemen Work as a Team

January 4th, 2010

While it is a given fact that one gentleman is always a welcomed addition to any festive gala, the enchantment can only be enriched with a plethora of gentlemen on the scene to help gesticulate the night into order. Indeed, there is no “I” in Team, but there are important “I’s” in Inebriation and Intoxication, [...]