Since The Foggy Monocle has long been devoted to helping gentlemen and gentleladies everywhere piece together their sordid, booze soaked evenings, it must come as no surprise to learn that we’re big fans of The Hangover. We’re sure all of you are too. So if you can’t get enough of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis’ zany, day-after antics, head on over to National Hangover Day on January 1st to feel a little better about whatever horrible sins you committed the night prior by watching The Hangover online. You can even win a trip to Las Vegas, horray! Or you can just send us your best day-after-New-Years chat, email or texts and we’ll award the most gentlemanly submitter with a copy of the DVD. Scout’s honor.

(Full disclosure: We were paid 60 grand in Gentleman’s Bucks to post this.)

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4 Responses to A Gentleman Celebrates National Hangover Day

  1. SO how much is 60 Grand is Gentlemens bucks when you convert that to cold hard American dollars?

  2. 20 hot dogs would equal roughly a nickel. Depending on the strength of the yen.

  3. meh.

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