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A gentleman is accustomed to being the center of attention at all social engagements he graces with his princely presence. So you can imagine a gent’s distress when a garish guest swoops in to steal his thunder. Unable to win the party over with his charm alone, this pretender to the gentleman’s throne is forced to [...]


A Gentleman Is MacGyver-ish

July 23rd, 2009

A gentleman is well known to be an extremely resourceful individual, one who constantly balances creativity with deft scientific know-how to face any challenge that may confront him.  Whether he’s fashioning weapons out of office supplies during conference calls, cobbling together quick hydraulic smoking apparatuses on lunch breaks, popping the governor off his rented Mexican [...]


When prowling about his normal evening stomping grounds with his usual panache, chasing skirts and lapping suds and shooting the breeze while three sheets to the wind, a gentleman is truly king of his environment. Never the one to horde all the spoils, however, the gentleman is more than willing to offer his expertise as [...]


Since summer Fridays typically call for casual business, a gentleman makes sure to punctuate his day of corporate leisure with a sensible three-hour lunch break, during which he gets uproariously drunk. Arriving back at his place of work adequately sauced, speaking in unintelligible tongues, goosing secretaries’ hooters and demanding hot wings, cigarettes and drug dealers’ [...]


Whether he’s hunting down his nemesis aboard a pirated clipper ship in international waters, or hiding out in desert caves from scorned ex-lovers and federal spy agents, or simply exploiting the third world by selling his patented zombie repellent to the child employees of his own sweat shops, its no surprise that a gentleman will [...]


Because a gentleman maintains the perfect balance of glamour, manners and class while galavanting on the town, he is often considered to be an invincible, omnipotent, flawless god walking amongst men. However, we must remember that the gentleman is indeed a mortal, albeit it a grand and impeccable one, who is subject to the same [...]


A professional schemer and scandalmonger by day and a fearless gadabout by night, one would think the gentleman hadn’t the time to add ground-breaking artist to his repertoire. But to doubt the gentleman is foolish indeed! A longtime fine art aficionado, the gentleman has always decorated his estate with priceless paintings, forged masterpieces and Magic [...]


A gentleman is fond of a great many literary masterpieces, and certainly enjoys relaxing with some fantastic reading material from his favorite authors, which could include the famous works of Mr. Dickens, Mr Fitzgerald or Mr. Joe Conrad, or perhaps the lighter, more pictorial stories provided by Mr. Hefner or Mr Flynt. Being such an [...]