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With his gristly-like muscles rippling through his strong-man outfit, a gentleman engaging in rigorous fitness is truly a site to behold. Awe-inspring and intimidating and just generally beautiful and magnificent, this iron-pumping specimen regularly draws a crowd when putting on a display of athletic prowess and unparalleled power at the local gymnasium. Should the gentleman [...]


When beckoned by the alluring wink and coo of free, delectable margaritas and beer, a gentlelady always heeds the call with a curtsy and quickly skips to the closest watering hole to grace her adorers with her appearance. Not wanting to be rude, a gentlelady is always wont to include others in her own celebrations, [...]


A gentleman’s glorious life is often depicted as being one constantly tethered to all things glamorous and positive, from the fawning women to the delicious caviar and cocaine buffets to the diamond monocle settings and the honorary memberships to thousands and thousands of tantalizing erotic websites. However, much like the rest of the crawling masses, [...]


A Gentleman is Reborn!

June 22nd, 2009

There comes a point in every mature gentleman’s life when he grows tired of the monotony of his supremely excellent urban existence and he longs to return to the simplicity of his youth. Escaping the city in the backseat of his chauffeured stretch-limousine, a gentleman arrives in the bucolic bliss of his country estate with [...]


When a local township goes to throw a large public gathering occasion for its populace, whether it is an annual cobblestone criterium or a fancy elephant parade or simply a seasonal free parking day, they know that no civic event would be complete without the presence of the gentleman. As a natural crowd drawer himself, [...]


A gentleman and his automobile have long been a beloved staple around town. Zipping this way and that, fishtailing around tight turns and tooting his horn as he passes cheering townsfolk, the gentleman driver cuts quite a handsome figure with his elbow cocked out of the cab, his scarf flapping in the wind, loosey-goosey radio [...]


During lovely summer weekends when a gentleman isn’t puttering about the harbor aboard his championship cigarette boat, or putting on the links in a competitive duel to the death for a maiden’s honor, or urban racing his gilded hang-glider from skyscraper to skyscraper,  a gentleman can be found entertaining affiliates at one of the many [...]


In today’s tough economic climate, a successful business-savvy gentleman knows that in order to keep churning out daily profits for his beloved corporate behemoth, he must think beyond the windows of his corner penthouse office and make sure he’s consistently wooing and entertaining clients in the most gallant of ways.  Postponing his daily lobster picnic [...]


Much can transpire in the night of a gentleman. In fact, what’s considered an entire lifetime to some could quite possibly fit within the bookends of a gentleman’s night on the town, a labyrinthine-like quest that begins with the sweet nectar of a summery cocktail and ends with a police escort home. Such evenings are [...]


Given his multitasking talents, a gentleman sees no distinction between business and pleasure. In the mind of the gentleman, business is always a pleasure, and if he can add more pleasurable activities to the whole nine-to-five experience, all the better. Over the course of his corporate conquering day, martinis are ordered, lunch hours extended and [...]