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Throughout the eons of human history, battleground triumphs of all types can always be traced back to the strategic perfection of the ever-cunning gentleman. Whether he’s orchestrating midnight rebel armada attacks from the sea or dueling with pistols at dawn on the misty moors of his nemesis’ estate, a gentleman approaches every combat situation with [...]


Paul Newman once said that, “a man with no enemies is a man with no character.” Likewise, a gentleman knows that any employee who “goes out on top” toward bigger and better things is at best a company man and at worst a corporate lackey, some unimaginative yes-man who ass-kissed his way up the cubicle [...]


A Gentleman Vs. His Doorman

March 27th, 2009

When a gentleman goes out to enjoy a night of mischief on the town, he will often request the accompaniment of an attractive, wanton gentlelady to help him finish off the evening in style. Because of her enchanting beauty and unmatched charm, as well as the obvious admiration she exudes for the gentleman, his delightful [...]


Who better to educate our nation’s youth than a gentleman? With his unrivaled wisdom and textbook lifestyle, he makes for the perfect mentor, and children would be fools not to emulate the success story that is his life. From chemistry and algebra to theology, ethics and sex ed, a gentleman is as much a teacher [...]


Nothing would please a gentlelady more than to romance her male mirror image, the gentleman. And trust us, the feeling is mutual. However, given their fabulous, liver-taxing lifestyles and unwavering commitment to tomfoolery, these counterparts rarely make it into the sack ensemble. Over the course of a gin soaked eve, drunken texts are misread, misspelled [...]


It’s a dangerous world out there, especially for the ever intrepid modern gentleman. Though he is wise, graceful and cunning, a gentleman’s dauntless spirit and courage will often put him directly into extremely perilous situations that can and may result in unexpected death. Danger lurks in every nook of a gentleman’s existence, and throughout history [...]


From Frank Sinatra to Steven Segal, gentlemen have always been attracted to a life of organized crime, and no group of immigrants have prevailed in that field with as much style and panache as the Italians. Though he’s never had trouble securing the finest restaurant tables or gaining membership to historic clubs and societies, a [...]


A Gentleman is Attacked

March 24th, 2009

When it comes to erotic romance, a gentleman is alway eager to introduce new adventure between the koala skinned sheets of his whale skull canopied bed. Having lured the most attractive and wanton women of the globe back to his abode, from Tripoli to Taipei, a gentleman is usually unmatched when it comes to carnal [...]


Despite his seemingly chinkless armor, a gentleman is by no means immune to the financial disaster currently consuming the modern world. However, the manner in which he weathers the storm is quite different from the safe-playing techniques of less sophisticated souls. A gentleman, as we all know, is a freewheeling character, a man driven by [...]


A Gentleman Is Of Two Minds

March 19th, 2009

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a gentleman is truly of two minds. At night he can be the most benevolent partygoer known to man, buying drinks for thirsty revelers and offering his golden keys to all those weary souls who require a spirit-lifting bump; the following morning, however, he’s shiftier than a snake and [...]