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Two Unemployed Gentlemen Go Rogue

February 27th, 2009

When a gentleman is cut off from employment, his schedule opens up considerably, allowing him to accomplish time-consuming tasks that were heretofore constantly put on the back burner. Suddenly, building that fireside den he’s always coveted, outfitting his Bentley with nitrous boosters for illegal street racing, perfecting his air guitar skills and devoting more time [...]


Gentlelady of the Week: Epic Fail

February 26th, 2009

In most professional and social settings, a gentlelady is usually an impeccably elegant character, always graceful and sophisticated and unflappable; a dainty but headstrong woman who comes to the table armed with a thirst for adventure and a hunger for debauchery that rivals any gentleman worth his salt. However, all bets are off when [...]


Full-time rabble-rouser, part-time adventurer and all-around gentleman Christian DeBenedetti has started a most excellent new blog titled, The Accidental Extremist. Every day he posts user-submitted stories of trips gone awry — from a lass crashing in a helicopter on a Valentine’s Day date to a lad heavily drinking in London and suddenly realizing he couldn’t [...]


A gentleman often mysteriously appears out of nowhere, stumbling onto the scene in a blackout stupor as if materializing from the mischief, mayhem and marauding afoot. Of course any flock of night owls intent on having a supremely excellent time view this fortuitous encounter as good fortune, and they accept the gentleman into their merry [...]


Any gentleman knows that the gym is truly for the birds…or rats, rather. Why burn calories on some modern day torture machine whilst marinating in the stench of the sweaty masses, when you can get fit enough on the back of a horse, the back of a woman or in the back room of a [...]


Though a gentleman is generally clear and straightforward when insinuating his desires and directives to his staff, his concubines, his gardening crew or his personal groomers, often times a gentleman will conceive a concept so complex and sophisticated that it transcends typical explanation, and can only be elucidated through abstract artistic mediums. Being the artistic [...]


A Gentleman Is The Biggest Winner

February 19th, 2009

Gentlemen are accustomed to tipping the scales in their favor, and they usually do so by throwing their massive weight around. Now the lithe waif gripping the gentleman’s sausage-fingered hand typically enjoys the perks his lumbering frame affords the couple, be it cutting a wide wake through throngs of onlooking hoi polloi or, simply, by [...]


A well-mannered gentleman is accustomed to the various liberties and privileges society grants him, including automatic upgrades, instant discounts, kick downs, kick backs, buy backs, and overall, just generally being treated like a true gentleman in all imaginable scenarios. After all, an impeccable gentleman is a pillar of the community, and its common courtesy for [...]


A Gentlelady Paints The Town Red

February 18th, 2009

When she isn’t skiing down the slopes of St. Moritz, presiding over philanthropic benefits at Carnegie Hall or shimmying into cocktail dresses and holding court in Palm Beach, an elegant lady of the upper echelon can usually be found lurking under the radar, subversively swilling shots in back-alley bars, executing dive and roll maneuvers from [...]


A Gentleman Maintains His Health

February 18th, 2009

Being a gentleman is a full time lifestyle, one that must be taken seriously if taken at all. There is little time for rest or departure from the lash, as any auspicious gentleman knows that notoriety is the result of consistent gallivanting and the never-ending quest to fuel himself with delicious vices. However, when a [...]