“I Achieved Anyway!”

January 20th, 2009

Photo courtesy of Nick Parish

We tend to ignore politics on this site, choosing to instead focus on the gentlemanly task of printing hilarious testaments to nights gone awry. But all imbibing, flesh-hunting, narcotic consumption and self-deprecation aside, we really couldn’t resist posting our friend Nich Parish’s picture of Dick Cheney as that cantankerous old cripple The Big Lebowski (TFM’s favorite movie). For more of Nick’s offbeat humor and insightful musings, checkout his blog as well as his work for Creativity.

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3 Responses to “I Achieved Anyway!”

  1. The Station Manager

    The bums will always lose!

    And, as a gentleman, I heartily embrace this .jpg, as it created within my gentlemanly being a sense of warmth unparalleled but by the finest booze.

  2. I think this .jpg calls for celebration…not for the removal of its subject but rather the subject’s use of gentleman’s persuasion to trick a woman into escorting him everywhere.

  3. Melanie,Thanks so much for taking the time to cmnoemt. I love to hear about God’s restoration and faithfulness in marriage. May God continue to bless you in your marriage and may you continue to share the love that you have found with others. Lori

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