When a gentleman isn’t in the bar, yelling, guffawing and knocking them back in the company of his best gentlemen mates, he enjoys watching films that depict similarly sophisticated behavior. Alcohol makes the gentleman feel alive, and imbibing at a rapid rate with like-minded ilk who laugh at the grave seriousness of life habitually restores his faith in humanity. It’s no secret that we enjoy these types of people, and thus it must be unsurprising that we enjoy these types of movies. And so, as a little Christmas gift come early, we present to you — dear faithful readers — our 12 favorite drinking scenes in cinematic history. Hell, if you can’t actually drink with these fine men, you might as well watch them…just remember to pour yourself a stiff cocktail so you can join in on the action.

12. The Deerhunter

Sure, there’s going to be hell to pay when you finally decide to dry up for the day, but is there anything better than foregoing sleep and locking yourself in the pub for those final few debacuherous rounds? The sun might be well over the horizon, and reality just around the corner, but with Frankie Valli on the jukebox, your luck still running on the pool table and an arsenal of Rolling Rocks still to be guzzled, this finite moment might as well last forever.

11. Easy Rider

Note to self: If you ever make the good decision of running drugs cross country in the gas tank of your chopper, remember to add an alcoholic lawyer with a taste for early-morning swigs of Jim Beam to your entourage.

10. Philadelphia Story

Any man that rings our doorbell in the middle of the night — waking us from our gentleman’s slumber(!) — sporting a bespoke tux and carrying a bottle of bubbly (with two glasses no less) is a-ok by us. If he’s too drunk to remember bringing the bottle and kindly asks us for a pop, why then he’s invited over anytime he pleases. Friends are a wonderful thing to have, but drunk friends you can take advantage of are even better.

9. Old School

It takes a truly mature man to crush his wife’s dreams of spending a nice little Saturday together at Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond (time permitting of course) in favor of funneling cheap beer with college kids 20 years his junior. But remember, a sophisticated gentleman knows no pleasure greater than imbibing, and he takes equal delight in drinking a beverage from a Waterford Crystal glass, a 12 oz. bottle or two feet of plastic, hardware store-bought tubing.

8. Arthur 2: On The Rocks

Like most sequels, Arthur 2: On The Rocks pales in comparison to the original, but Dudley Moore — a Renaissance Man of comedic proportions if there ever was one — nails the uncanny ability fellow drunks have at making fast friends with booze-soaked aplomb. If a down-on-his-luck gentleman can’t count on the deep friendship of thirsty bar patrons whose names he’ll never know, who can he count on?

7. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Though a gentleman often thinks he has full reign over a bar to behave as he pleases, a cold hard reality sets in after his beer guzzling actions, ribald remarks and overall tomfoolery cause him to be ejected by the scruff of his neck. Fortunately the two-bit criminals of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels needn’t worry about the aftermath of their collective buffoonery because they’ve got an in with this pub’s owner (hint: he’s one of lads’ dads), giving them carte blanche to lock themselves in, elegantly spill drinks, light their flatulence on fire and generally behave like — what else? — gentlemen.

6. The Big Lebowski

Ahhh, the innocent pleasures of drinking and driving. While a gentleman prefers to imbibe in the safety of the backseat while his chauffeur pilots the boat-like rig through suburban streets on a Sunday morning, sometimes even Jeeves takes the weekend off, in which case the gentleman is forced to multitask with one hand gripping the wheel and the other firmly wrapped around the bottle. Should he choose to up the ante by smoking a roach as well, juggling substances, navigational techniques and operational procedures with the finesse of a big top showman, he must be weary of rogue dumpsters who seek to thwart his leisurely journey.

5. Caddyshack

Leave it to Ty Webb to add cocaine to the Tequila shots combo…and then just stick to the cocaine. We tip our top hats to this 80s icon for taking a page out of Steely Dan’s book with the Cuervo Gold and the fine Columbian, and look forward to one day meeting him on the 19th hole for a beverage.

4. Rushmore

There should be a gentleman’s clause added to the Constitution that says any well-dressed, precocious 15-year old capable of writing a hit play be allowed a little drink to unwind himself. And while that fine retort of Max Fischer’s certainly makes this Rushmore’s most memorable scene, nothing beats Bill Murray nearly choking on his drink after the sarcastic little shit jabs Luke Wilson on his “nurse’s uniform.”

3. Carling Beer Explorer Commercial

Ok, since this is a commercial and not some feat of cinematic brilliance, we technically cheated on this one, but you’ll forgive us, won’t you? When they’re skipping out on buxom babes, beer ads typically revolve around male-bonding; but while we’ve been force fed talking lizards and wazzup catch phrases, leave it to the Brits — the land responsible for Monty Python, Alan Partridge and The Office — to come up with this equal parts absurd, hilarious and ultimately heart-warming ode to drinking with your mates. Now please excuse us while we head to the bar.

2. Mean Streets

Remember those disastrous nights of drunken mayhem that quickly become unhinged, suddenly sucking hours up with the voraciousness of a time machine that spits you out and leaves you with nothing but a headache and a void where your memory used to be? We do, or maybe we don’t. Regardless, no director weds music and that visceral feeling of in-the-moment cinema like Martin Scorsese, and this clip of Harvey Keitel’s aspiring mobster Charlie throwing them back in Mean Streets truly makes us want to go on a bender, aftermath be damned.

1. Withnail and I

When a gentleman drinks before venturing out into public, he feels compelled to communicate his twisted state to the sober masses. Hopped up on a sea of spirit-lifting booze, a gentleman will stroll into public with increased swagger and humor toward the stiffs surrounding him. Rules become ridiculous and manners go out the window, while the only thing that matters is the procurement of fine wine, cakes and other such delights, and a gentleman will crack any joke or tell any lie to get the job done. In that regard, British cult classic Withnail and I — a film depicting the boozed up antics of two down and out actors — takes the cake, pitting the dramatic, deadbeat and totally out of their element duo against the formalities and realities of English society.

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37 Responses to The 12 Greatest Movie Drinking Scenes

  1. This gentleman wonders how the entirety of “Leaving Las Vegas” was omitted from this illustrious list.


  2. This list is invalid, because the dummy that made it left Jaws out.

  3. no jaws! you suck!

    scanned the list to see if it was included before even reading such a half put together article!!!

    Hide your shame

  4. …leaving las vegas is cool and all but ummm…


  5. Where’s “Strange Brew” an entire movie dedicated to drinking. The scene where one of the brothers has to drink an entire vat of beer or drown is classic.

  6. No RAIDERS and Marion?


  7. Pretty bad list. No eurotrip with the absinthe fairy. No jaws. No Beer Fest. This list should be redone as quick as possible

  8. Where is bad Santa?

  9. The ‘frat party’ scene from beerfest should definitely get consideration here.

  10. Marion Ravenwood throwing down in the first Indiana Jones flick has got to be number one…

  11. A fine list- but I must second Gentleman Dan’s motion to add Leaving Las Vegas


    So much gentlemanly etiquette to be gleaned from this clip:
    -A true gentleman, always awoken by fitful post bender shakes, knows how to mix an exquisite screwdriver on any kitchen floor surface.
    - The erudite gentleman fears not, shouting into the sink at 3am. Such is the mark of the witty and urbane.
    -After a good early morning dry heave, an honest gentleman turns his lustful eye to his fair maiden, awoken by his pre-dawn ribaldry. (there might be something about alcohol related impotency in there as well- I’m not really an expert)

  12. One of the best drinking scenes has to be the boondock saints Cat scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US6eHQ8wFO8Check out http://www.playusout.comhttp://www.playusout.com


  14. THANK YOU for not putting Beer Fest on this list. That movie is schlock. Come on people, what happened to standards?

  15. Let’s keep in mind that there are scenes with people drinking, and there are Drinking Scenes. Since it can be entirely subjective, maybe we could post scene suggestions from everyone and then vote for the Top 12.

  16. What about Snatch, the perfect mix of depression and alcohol is all right there in the wake.

  17. Ok you all know that Chevy Chase was in Steely Dan, Right?

  18. I am sorely disappointed as well for the lack of Jaws, Strange Brew, Animal House, and Leaving Las Vegas, but also, where’s the love for Tombstone, and Doc Holiday’s shot cup twirling?

  19. I know it’s not booze, but how about the syrup chugging scene in Super Troopers?

  20. weak ass shit and poor attempt. missing some of the greatest drinking scenes.

  21. Gentleman, please, these are gents we actually want to drink with. Jaws? Who wants to down booze with a a blood thirsty shark as a third wheel? Not our idea of a good time. Leaving Las Vegas? That movie is just sad. And Beerfest? We didn’t even bother to watch it. These 12 movies contain drinking scenes for true gentlemen drinkers. We bid you complainers good day!

  22. I agree with Phil-Z’s Tombstone reference.


    It shows how a gentleman can easily defuse a hostile situation with both wit and booze (Start it at 2:00, if you are in a hurry).

  23. How the fuck did that video make it to #1?

  24. Barfly, where is that one?

  25. Lame. Like many have said, you have to have the drinking scenes in Jaws, in Animal House (where Blutto downs the whole bottle of JD), the drinking shot scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the one from Hooper (with the cop). And there was some WWII movie where they got the beer that washed up on shore. Anyone remember this?

  26. Frank the Tank…Frank the Tank

  27. Always good to see people putting together a list like this. To all the haters, they might as well do their own lists. It takes time and effort to compile these lists, so I commend you.

  28. what the hell,No Animal House,what movie do you think started it all.

  29. Animal house started it all? I’m sorry, great movie, but deer hunter, easy rider, Philadelphia story, and mean streets all came out before Animal House.

  30. I agree with Mark. I expected to see strange brew at the top of the list.

  31. Strange Brew- who doesn’t love drinking with canadians!

  32. ANIMAL HOUSE. He chugged that entire bottle of jack in one take.

  33. take out the ad at no 3 and replace it with tombstone’s scene and i believe this is a fine list!

  34. What about the “Leg-spreader” scene from Hot Dog the movie?

  35. Fergie Scotch-Throat

    Fellow connoisseurs – may I also commend unto you the bibulous excesses so expertly and exuberantly potrayed during the Bogey Lowenstein party in ‘10 Things I Hate About You’?

  36. This gentleman is sincerely dissappointed in the rest of you low-brows. I am utterly speechless that the Saints have been omitted from this list. Who likes cat’s anyways?


  37. Come to think of it, what the hell?


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