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Season’s Greetings

December 24th, 2008

We recently received a comment that truly warmed out spirits. Of course all comments – positive or negative – are appreciated, because we know they come from gentlemen (well, most of the time), and that our little site is stirring up debate in barrooms from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon for that matter. [...]


So stealth-like and charming are his methods of seduction, that oftentimes a gentleman stumbles into the loving embrace of a stunned female without her fully knowing what happened. Sensible enough not look a gift horse in the mouth (or call the authorities), said female will resign herself to enjoying this beautiful bauble for the time [...]


Once imbued with the glorious spirit of Christmas, a gentleman’s generosity knows no bounds. Like Scrooge born anew or the Grinch and his swelling heart, a gentleman with last-minute shopping on the agenda will summon super human strength, braving harsh weather conditions, monocle-shattering prices and even the snootiness of wretched fashion boutique employees to purchase [...]


Like most red blooded men, a gentleman shares a special bond with his hunting dog. When he doesn’t spend weekends in the bar, occupied with the drinking duties of a multi-day bender, a gentleman likes to get out of dodge and head for the hills. Firing up his sporty British racing coup, a gentleman and [...]


A Gentleman Goes Too Far

December 17th, 2008

Gentlemen are truly awe-inspiring creatures. Boundless in their ability to delight, dazzle and drink with the upmost dignity, it’s not uncommon for a fully inebriated gentleman to commandeer a social engagement and swiftly transform it into a one-man show of witty wordplay, slapstick humor and feats of athletic prowess. Even if the gentleman pushes the [...]


‘Tis the season for ho ho hos, jolly sleigh and mustache rides, and endless supplies of spiked delicious eggnog at extravagant Christmas galas, to which the gentleman will attend with zeal. In the grand spirit of giving and receiving, a gentleman will give all his holiday gusto and cheer to the gathering, and in return [...]


A Gentleman is Equestrian

December 17th, 2008

After a long day nestled in velvet box seats at the famed Saratoga racetrack, winning risky bets, correctly identifying attractive married women and drinking refreshing bourbon directly out of the Man ‘o War cup, a gentleman is easily swept up in the grandeur of it all and quickly falls in love with all things horse [...]


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When a gentleman isn’t in the bar, yelling, guffawing and knocking them back in the company of his best gentlemen mates, he enjoys watching films that depict similarly sophisticated behavior. Alcohol makes the gentleman feel alive, and imbibing at a rapid rate with like-minded ilk who laugh at the grave seriousness of life [...]


Thanks to the transformative and soul-warming powers of fine wine, a gentleman often stumbles out of his local watering hole a changed man. This is particularly true during the holidays, when a gentleman will toast his successes with glass after glorious glass, before suddenly breaking free of his penny-pinching ways and setting off on an [...]


A gentleman has important work to accomplish on any given evening of the week, work that extends beyond the profit churning of his day job and is focused on his insatiable lust of flesh and hard liquor. Sometimes a gentleman executes his best work while on a long, deep swim in the raging seas of [...]