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On November 24th, 1971, the day before Thanksgiving, a man going by the name of DB Cooper boarded a plane in Portland, Oregon, bound for Seattle. By all accounts, DB Cooper was described as calm and well dressed, donning a homburg hat and a skinny tie affixed to a crisp white shirt with a mother-of-pearl [...]


With his financial portfolio in tatters and his once glorious corner office now reduced to a pile of cardboard boxes strewn across his living room floor, the unemployed urban gentleman is relegated to the cabin fever-inducing confines of his abode, where he must resist the city’s veritable cornucopia of delights with monastic restraint. But just [...]


A Gentleman Stays the Course

November 24th, 2008

No one said being a gentleman was going to be easy. Being a gentleman means being constantly dapper and witty and unpredictable, but it also means bravely stepping directly into danger zones and executing risky plans with determination and aplomb. Sometimes a gentleman’s planned course of action will have its fair share of notable [...]


For the past eight months we’ve been casting our net far and wide, hoping to tag gentlemen in their natural habitats so that we may study the social behavior of these elegant and elusive creatures. Thanks to submitters like you, who have kindly shared tales of grand misadventure for the amusement of all, as well [...]


A Gentleman Becomes An Ex Pat

November 20th, 2008

There comes a point in every gentleman’s life when his various pyramid schemes, smuggling operations and internet smut campaigns afford him the opportunity to go on a permanent holiday. Packing his alligator skinned luggage with the loot and booty of his bountiful plunders, a gentleman sheds a solitary tear for his homeland, and then, with [...]


Just because his canopy bed is propped up on cinder blocks of gold bullion doesn’t mean a gentleman’s eve of delicious slumber isn’t filled with nightmares concerning the sad state of global affairs. By Jove, underneath his silk nightcap and perfectly coiffed mane, his mind churns with horror after horror as he imagines a post [...]


A Gentleman Captains The Ship

November 17th, 2008

When one gets a hankering for high adventure and is up to sail the perilous whiskey seas on a quest for fun, fame and fornication, it’s important to make damn sure you employ the very best gentleman captain to helm the wheel of that proverbial ship. And though the gentleman’s deft navigation skills will recklessly [...]


Why is it that when attending a sporting match a gentleman always enjoys himself more than anyone else (including the victors)? What is it about these vigorous tests of athletic prowess that prompts the gentleman to rise to the challenge and go beyond his physical limits of public intoxication and indecency? Is [...]


With each downturn in the market comes an ingenious scheme to help resuscitate our glorious nation’s frail economy. FDR created The New Deal to lift America out of the Depression, while the housing market bubble kept us chugging along in the wake of September 11th. Likewise, a gentleman will take it upon himself to save [...]


Attending sporting matches is a pleasant leisure pastime for the modern gentleman, who enjoys a colorful spectrum of athletic competitions ranging from naked polo to underground cock fighting to major league sports. And regardless of where the gentleman spectates, be it in a dank basement or a gigantic multi-thousand seated stadium, the gentleman will [...]