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Sure, throughout his nearly 20-year tenure as a PGA player, John Daly’s had his brushes with the law, battles with booze and dalliances with a gambling addiction, but what member of our boisterous brood hasn’t? Fact of the matter is that all gentlemen are forced to run the proverbial gauntlet of vices when they’re on [...]


A Gentleman Plans for a Reunion

October 31st, 2008

When it comes time to attend an academic reunion, a gentleman will plan out his agenda down to the finest details, and never approaches such functions in a willy-nilly haphazard fashion. As the reunion is as an opportunity for the gentleman to settle old scores and complete unfinished business, as well as showcase the extreme [...]


Since his time is more precious than a diamond encrusted chunk of gold bullion the size of Luxembourg, a gentleman uses the skills he’s accrued from an illustrious military career to expedite the tedious tasks of day-to-day living. Should the gentleman be feeling the residual effects of inebriation after a long night of revelries but [...]


A Gentlelady Offers Her Wares

October 30th, 2008

In light of the dipping stocks and faltering economy, gentlemen across the globe are reevaluating their leisure budgets, eliminating frivolous purchases and cutting back on non-essential commodities. This does not mean that gentlemen are acting any less reckless or enjoying life any less to the fullest, but rather are just taking a more frugal approach [...]


Though booze is the preferred poison of any card-carrying gentleman, there are those amongst our rare breed of magnificent men who feel inclined to truly push the limits of substance abuse. Like the arctic explorers, alpine adventurers and cosmonauts before them, these intrepid souls grow bored with the trifling matters of day-to-day life and must [...]


When lounging in his abode like a well-fed Cheshire cat, a gentleman is always king of his castle. However, when a gentleman is forced to hit the road in the name of business – be it collecting debts, seducing unsuspecting suburbanites with ingenious pyramid schemes or merely catching up with the nubile female offspring of [...]


Over the years, a particularly social gentlelady is likely to amass a daunting virtual address book chock-full of sugar daddies, dudes, ex-one night stands, secret crushes, booty calls, and of course gentlemen, many of which will either overlap in names or have difficult-to-remember names, such as Jimmy or Erik. Needless to say, it becomes increasingly [...]


Riddle us this: Is the non inebriated gentleman still a gentleman? Since any liquor licensed spot is the natural habitat of the gentleman, it would go without saying that anytime a gentleman is not in said spot, he’s truly a fish out of water. In other words, when not in the dark sanctity of the [...]


So honed are the gentleman’s business skills and so acute is his managerial prowess, that while the rest of the buttoned-up flock is busy scrambling for bagels and shuffling papers in the morning, the relaxed and confident gentleman will often arrive to the office fashionably late, and proceed to take the appropriate amount of time [...]


A Gentlelady Chooses a Costume

October 27th, 2008

When it comes time for a gentlelady to select an appropriate costume to don at the magical Halloween ball, she is wont to choose an attractive outfit that showcases her lascivious nature while also playing up the humorous aspect of something deliberately contradictory to her own real persona. Chuckles will abound, and with any luck [...]