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The gentlelady that we’ve all come to adore is an intelligent, open-minded and approachable female whom is always looking to broaden her own horizons, whether those horizons be academic, alcoholic, sexual or something else entirely. When approached by a gentleman of certain pedigree of piety, for instance, a gentlelady will entertain notions of an erotic [...]


There’s no telling what a gentleman will do when he comes to town, and often times uninitiated locals sadly interpret his skillful maneuvers and expert socializing as actions of the offensive and highly inappropriate variety. Take for instance the ancient art of smashing champagne flutes at a wedding reception so that the dance floor is [...]


A gentleman on the Lash will sometimes face weeks upon weeks where his evenings are far too packed with carousal and mischief and misdeeds, and he’ll often have little time to entertain his second string mistresses before slumbering down in his kitten-shag bed and wrangling his Zs. Thusly, the gentleman will preemptively or whimsically schedule [...]


A Gentleman Hosts A Party

August 27th, 2008

When a war needs to be waged upon a city’s limp social scene, City Hall does not call in the cavalry, but rather, calls upon a gentleman to liven things up. And if he isn’t enjoying some post coitus with the Mayor’s mother, entertaining her with ribald remarks, the gentleman happily obliges, sauntering off to [...]


Sensing his rabid thirst for booze and after work tomfoolery, cohorts and strangers alike typically (and wisely!) greet the fiending gentleman with a complimentary cocktail and a hearty slap on the back, thus temporarily appeasing the gentleman’s insatiable soul. However, there sometimes arises a surly, over-served patron of a less than desirable establishment who grows [...]


What else can a gentlelady offer her philandering gentleman other than tolerance for his alcohol-abuse, nightly home cooked meals and a randy romp in the sack every now and again? Apparently, much more! Occasionally a gentleman encounters a gentlelady so magnificent that even he himself is blown away by her luminous brilliance. Should said gentlelady [...]


Given that his myriad talents are limited by the humbling reality of his own mortality, a gentleman often laments the fact that he simply isn’t given enough time to accomplish all the feats his seemingly limitless powers once guaranteed. Having long ago committed to the road less traveled, one of binge drinking, money laundering and [...]


A Gentleman’s Endorsement

August 20th, 2008

It is important that the gentlemen ilk is aware of the political scene, whatever that may be, and we encourage the readers of the Foggy Monocle to tune in to our friend Mr. Crutchfield’s show which is sure to astonish and impress. Check out Unconventionally Yours.


A Gentleman Loses His Hair

August 20th, 2008

Though his spirit is eternal, it’s true that the gentleman’s physical being is susceptible to corrosion and decay over the years. Largely a result of his hard-living lifestyle, one that sees the gentleman regularly pushing himself at daily, martini-fueled business lunches and the nightly happy hours, a gentleman has to contend with the debilitating issues [...]


Being part of such a rare and rather endangered breed, it’s important that gentlemen stick together and watch each other’s back. A gentleman’s day is wrought with peril, and constant hurdles and pitfalls are bound to abound wherever the gentleman trots. From his divorcée’s pesky lawyers trying to bloodsuck one pocket to wanton bulbous strumpets [...]