A Gentleman is Academic

June 17th, 2008

Being cooped up in a university library studying romantic literature, medical anatomy or sexual misconduct law, an academic gentleman can find himself pleasantly aroused and cunningly creative. Harnessing the same mental acuteness that earned him placement in the prestigious university, a gentleman is straight to the point when securing a partner for an erotic rendezvous.

From: IndianaBones
Date: Mon, Jun 16, 20** at 11:53 PM
Subject: Fwd: HILARIOUS
To: Gentlemen

I thought you might enjoy this… Someone left this gchat conversaion up on one of the library computers….oops!

Sent at 3:56 PM on Monday
PreHeadStudent: hey
Lawyerette: Hey – I just got your text, no I’m not still at school. I had to go home to get my car because I’m meeting another deans fellow at 5. *Jill wants us to check 30 (no joke) books out of the main campus library and bring them to her. What were you doing there?
PreHeadStudent: stuff for class, is there any way i can get a bj today at school?
Lawyerette: No, I’m home now and when I come back I’m meeting that guy. Plus the library is to crowded in the afternoon. You have to come over in the early morning or later at night to get library head
PreHeadStudent: what about bathroom head?
Lawyerette: I think the same rules should probably still apply. I’m not so keen on getting kicked out of school
PreHeadStudent: you could sit on the toilet and ill stand in front, no one would know lol
Lawyerette: Which bathroom do you suggest doing this in?
PreHeadStudent: i dunno, one of the bigger guy bathrooms
Lawyerette: It’s just not such good timing. If you really want, you can wait at school until I’m done with the Jill stuff, but that will probably be pretty late, but at least we’d have less of a chance of getting caught.
PreHeadStudent: like what time?
Lawyerette: I don’t know how long it’s going to take. We have to go to main campus, check out all these books and articles, and then bring them back to wherever and copy a bunch of book chapters. I don’t know how much photocopying there is becuase I haven’t seen the books yet
PreHeadStudent: oh ok, i have class from 6-8
Lawyerette: You can try me at 8:00. I might still be there. I didn’t know you were taking a class
PreHeadStudent: yeah, thats why i come in on mondays, wheres a good place in
school to get a bj?
Lawyerette: I’m not sure, I’ve never given a bj in school. Have you ever gotten one?
PreHeadStudent: nope
Lawyerette: You ever jerked off at school?
PreHeadStudent: yeah, i did twice
Lawyerette: Where did you do that?
PreHeadStudent: in a bathroom stall
Lawyerette: Well I guess that’s probably the best place to give head too. I’m signing off now, the lightening is freaking me out.

Lawyerette: I went home. Are you there?
Sent at 8:10 PM on Monday

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5 Responses to A Gentleman is Academic

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  2. This is so God damn dumb I just don’t know what to say. So just a “fuck you stupid fucks” will have to do.

  3. hi

  4. It could of been worse or more explicit thats why I don’t keep copies and always delete my messages ,you never know whose lurking.

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