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A Gentleman Lives By A Code

June 30th, 2008

To live as a gentleman is to live by a certain unwritten code of ethics that strives to promote and uphold values of chivalry, honor, and respect of fellow gentleman. It’s the gentleman’s instinct to unconditionally follow this code, as it’s the only way to live a life truly befitting a gentleman. When other, lesser [...]


When the hour strikes midnight and the mood calls for carnal delights, a gentleman is brash, forgoing the usual small talk and immediately harnessing the sexual tension at hand. Occasionally, however, the gentleman’s blunt words may shock his female target, causing her to turn to folly and deny his delightful request. “Goodness gracious, how could [...]


A Gentleman Goes Whaling

June 26th, 2008

For a gentleman the world of romance is much like life at the high seas: fraught with danger! Sometimes, a gentleman’s dashing looks and suave charm do not work in his favor — quite the contrary! — for they attract ladies of all shapes and sizes. When carousing in a late-night watering hole, a gentleman’s [...]


There are few things we enjoy more than getting liver-cirrhosingly pissed at a bar and subsequently thrown out, all without losing an ounce of our gentlemen’s dignity. However, bringing two kindred souls together in the sacred bond of a public bathroom blowjob trumps even the latter. Last week, we reported on just that, and today, [...]


Like the sacred bond shared between young Travis and his yellow mutt companion Old Yeller in the eponymous film, a gentleman shares a similar affinity for his lady friend. And, no matter what rules his landlord lays out pertaining to the housing of mongrels or the taunting he receives from his less than civilized friends, [...]


A Gentleman Is Nostalgic

June 25th, 2008

Oftentimes, after a particular evening’s festivities prove most memorable, a gentleman will feel inclined to swipe a memento with which to forever remember the joyous occasion. Be it a shimmering trinket or a female’s virginity, the gentleman collects such objects that tickle his fancy and later gazes upon them with a smile on his face [...]


It’s not that a gentleman doesn’t enjoy spending time with his lady friend, it’s just that often times he finds that, aside from bedroom matters, they share no common interests. Should a gentleman meet a lady who does enjoy the finer things in life — say, listening to hip hop slow jamz while downing large [...]


A Gentleman Is Presentable

June 23rd, 2008

When a gentleman is asked to accompany his lady-friend on a social mixing weekend, he makes sure he is on his best behavior. From his manners and etiquette to his physical presentation and conversation skills, everything is impeccable. When asked to join the men folk for a round of 18, a gentleman replies, “I’d be [...]


Business and leisure pursuits often take a gentleman far away from his motherland. However, a gentleman can find solace in the fact that certain familiar activities can be enjoyed abroad in the same fashion that they are enjoyed at home. After all, it’s important for a gentleman to be comfortable and confident in whatever country [...]


It is with a heavy heart that we manage to raise our morning cocktails to salute George Carlin, who passed on to that great brothel in the sky yesterday. Carlin can be remembered as a true pioneer of gentleman comedy, including the infamous “7 Words You Can Never Say On Television” routine. George, we’ll miss [...]