A Gentleman Makes Calls

May 28th, 2008

The gentle coo and hum of the gentleman’s relaxed voice is a highly desired and pleasing sound, and thus is welcomed no matter what time of night the opportunity rings. With a busy schedule of business and leisure, often the only time a gentleman has available for personal calls is during the evening hours, somwhere between his last social drink and the sweet abyss of sleep.

Sportsman: might as well go the whole 9 yards
RunningMan: speaking of crazy
RunningMan: if i could describe myself in one word on saturday night
RunningMan: it would be
RunningMan: “throwed”
RunningMan: i suspected that i blacked out and when my brother called tonight asking why i called him at 4 am on sunday that was confirmed
Sportsman: hahahaha
RunningMan: checked my call list
RunningMan: also called james
Sportsman: HAHAHA
RunningMan: and tori
RunningMan: and jen
RunningMan: and arthur
RunningMan: and bill
RunningMan: i thought my drunk dialing days were over
Sportsman: jesus you went on a fucking rampage
Sportsman: you even called people who you were with!
Sportsman: that’s above and beyond the drunk dialing call of duty
Sportsman: you should get the drunk dialing medal of honor
Sportsman: you were like the Prefontaine of drinking
RunningMan: yeah
RunningMan: and prefontaine is DEAD now
RunningMan: id like to avoid that
Sportsman: Dead but famous. Fair trade?
RunningMan: not for me
RunningMan: i got more blacking out to do
RunningMan: steve prefontaine btw
RunningMan: proud oregon duck
Sportsman: lol
Sportsman: you know I wonder if one of these days I’m gonna wander into your room, and I will stumble upon you giving the beak to one very amorous mallard
RunningMan: that mallard would be incredibly pleased
Sportsman: why, do you plan to dress yourself up like another mallard to complete the fantasy?
RunningMan: if im blacked out, not out of the question

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  1. You Sir/Madam are the enemy of counfsoin everywhere!

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