It’s no secret that a gentleman occasionally needs to say “to hell with highballs, hussies and pre-coitus hummers” and instead spend his afternoon testing his mettle by challenging another gentleman to a brutal oyster-eating showdown. Observe The Gentleman and El Maestro go tête-à-tête at Manhattan’s Stone Street Oyster Festival!


Oyster Showdown from James Jung on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to A Gentlemen’s Oyster Showdown

  1. Fuck, the thread holding the buttons on that General Custer lookalike’s tuxedo must have been spun from the Golden Fleece itself. Speaking of that, I feel fleeced by the editing of the Guinness Oyster Bomb finale. It seemed clearly to have been won by the aforementioned balding calvary general, so why end as “gentlemen tie?” WTF? A tie is like fucking your sister. So dear ladies of the Foggy Monocle please re-edit this piece to showcase a proper victor. The spoils demand it.

  2. That simultaneously impressed and nauseated me. Well done gentlemen!

    Now off to my own free lunch…

  3. [...] ‘and a big fat salmon in the afternoon.’ In lieu of salmon, oysters do nicely. Enjoy this video of hungry and thirsty gentlemen in their element. Via The New York Times City Room [...]

  4. Solid gold.

  5. it’s fine moments such as these that i am proud and honored to be related to you.

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