On weekends, after a gentleman has locked his office up, swilled a few stiff martinis and headed north to his country estate, he enjoys relaxing by indulging in a few of his favorite hobbies — polishing his coin collection by the fire, skeet shooting, admiring the taxidermy adorning his big African game room and of course rounding up the hounds for a most invigorating fox hunt. Really, a gentleman enjoys anything that transports him back to the more sophisticated days of yore…

PuzzledMan: hey how was your weekend?
MagicGentleman: ridiculous
PuzzledMan: really?
PuzzledMan: what’d you do?
MagicGentleman: went to a dungeons and dragons convention
PuzzledMan: WTF?!
MagicGentleman: drank 40 irish car bomz
MagicGentleman: finished the night dressed as a wizard and playing slap bass on a couch pillow to thin lizzy at 5 AM
PuzzledMan: hahaha amazing
MagicGentleman: christ i said some terrible shit to the nerds there
MagicGentleman: won’t be surprised if they summon a legion of orcs to track me down and kill me
PuzzledMan: hahahaha, best always be packin’ potions from now on, dude

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1 Response to A Gentleman Has Weekend Hobbies

  1. Behold! This gentleman’s monocle is so big and foggy it has covered his entire face in a monocle of shame!

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